Smile Gallery


This patient came to us because she was unhappy with how her teeth looked. Her upper right canine tooth was stuck in the bone. She had braces when she was younger in an attempt to move it, but this had not been successful. Her other option was surgery, but that was not something she wanted to do. Instead, we decided to just change the shape of those two teeth. First we bleached her teeth to her desired color, and then veneers were placed on those teeth to give her a natural looking smile.

Veneers & Implants

This patient hated the ugly metal clasps from her partial dentures that showed when she smiled. She also hated that her teeth were yellow and had gaps between them. We combined implants, a bridge, and veneers.


This patient first came to see us when she was still in braces. The braces were coming off soon, and she needed veneers to reshape her teeth. At the time she decided to have the treatment done with a dentist in her insurance plan. She came back to us later with severe gum damage from poorly shaped veneers. This is shown in the second "before" picture. Following referral to a gum surgeon and properly replacing the veneers she now has a happy smile.

Crown Lengthening / Veneers

This patient wanted his upper front teeth to look longer and the gaps to be closed. We started with cosmetic plastic surgery to increase the length of his teeth and decrease his gummy smile. We then placed veneers to give him the shape and color of teeth he desired.


This patient came in so nervous about dentistry he almost left before we ever saw him. He was very embarrassed about his smile. We did a combination of veneers, bleaching, crowns and bonding, and put in a tooth colored filling to replace the silver filling.