ZOOM! Your Way to Whiter Teeth | Riverside Dentist

Everyone wants white teeth and we do anything we can to achieve it. We brush daily, stay away from coffee and buy the best over-the-counter products out there, yet we still have dingy teeth. Now it’s time to call in the big guns and make ourselves a dental appointment – we need a professional tooth whitening treatment. Dr. Middleton agrees that the simplest way to brighten and whiten your smile is by ZOOM! ZOOM is an in-office tooth whitening procedure that is accomplished by applying a whitening gel to the teeth and utilizing a ZOOM light to penetrate the surface of the teeth to break up stains and discolorations.

Before ZOOM, a whitening procedure would take quite a while. This caused many patients to drag their heels when it comes to having the treatment done. NO one wants to sit in a dental chair longer than absolutely necessary. Patients love ZOOM whitening system because of the amount of time it takes to achieve a brighter smile. Dr. Gerald Middleton guarantees that ZOOM whitening system takes about 45 minutes to one hour. You can get it done during your lunch break! And within that short period of time, your smile will be rejuvenated with no stains or discoloration. Not only that but patients also enjoy how ZOOM allows you to achieve your desired level of whiteness, without seeming unnatural or overdone like the procedures of the past. The ZOOM teeth whitening system is quick, convenient, safe, and supervised and for these reasons, ZOOM is the perfect option for a whiter smile.

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