Why You Should Make Sugar-free Your First Choice | Riverside Dentist

There you are, at the checkout line with all your groceries, staring at the candy just waiting for you to crumble and buy it. But which pack of gum do you choose? Are you one that will forever be a Hubba Bubba fan, or do you opt for something minty and sugar-free? I mean, what is the difference between the two anyway? Is a sugar-free version really that much better for you?

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol, a natural, sweet substance often used to sweeten foods without the caloric impact of sugar. This is what is sweetening your sugar-free confections. While Xylitol is sweet, it doesn’t have the same impact on your body as sugar. First, Xylitol starves the bacteria in your mouth of food. Where the normal bacteria in your mouth responsible for cavities feeds on sugar, it cannot feed on Xylitol. Over time, fewer and fewer bacteria will live in the mouth, and less plaque will form.

Xylitol has been approved as safe by the U.S. FDA and World Health Organization, but like most things in life, should be taken in moderation. While common in foods such as gum and mints, it’s also available over the internet directly. Just make sure you are careful – too much Xylitol can be difficult for your body to digest, and can have fiber-like laxative properties. While chewing gum a few times per day may take effort, it’s a great, cheap, simple way to keep your teeth clean, and help fight off cavities.

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