What to Expect from a Professional Teeth Cleaning | Dentist in Riverside

While we know it is important to go to the dentist on a regular basis, it is more than just to check in with your dentist. Your dental appointment will entail lots of procedures to ensure that your mouth is still healthy, bright and ready to show off to the world. This will likely entail a professional cleaning. Yes, you have a daily dental routine, but a dental professional will give your smile a deep clean that is impossible for you to do on your own. But what does this procedure entail? Here is a step-by-step guide to your deep professional teeth cleaning:

Physical exam. A quick look inside your mouth will help your dental professional see what you’ve been doing with your dental health while you were gone. That little mirror? This is where they use it to check on your back teeth and gums.

Plaque and tartar removal. This is where your dental hygiene comes into play. If you don’t brush well, plaque builds up and turns into tartar. Tartar is removed with a scaler, the scraping sound you are familiar with.

Gritty toothpaste time. Once the tartar is removed, it’s time for a deep cleaning with an electric brush. This is the grinding sounds you hear. They use a gritty toothpaste that smells like the toothpaste we use every day but has a gritty texture that gets those hard to clean spots.

Flossing and rinsing. This sounds exactly like it is – a good flossing session and a refreshing rinse to remove any leftover debris.

Fluoride treatment. The final step is an application of fluoride. Fluoride will help keep cavities away in between dental visits.

Visiting the dentist is something we need to do at least twice a year to keep our mouths healthy, so make your appointment today.

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