Understanding Laser Dentistry in Riverside, CA

Laser dentistry performed by Dr. Gerald Middleton in Riverside, CA can relieve and cure several conditions with added benefits.  A laser is a device that emits a very narrow, intense beam of light energy. When that beam of light comes into contact with tissue, it causes a reaction that can remove, vaporize, or shape tissue. Lasers have been used in several other industries; however, in 1990 they became a common tool for dentists.  Some of the scenarios where lasers can be used in dentistry are: correcting tongue speech problems, uncovering partially erupted wisdom teeth, removing decay from a cavity prior to filling, removing muscle pulls, managing gum tissue, performing biopsy procedures, reducing the amount of bacteria in periodontal pockets, treating infections, reducing discomfort from canker or cold sores, and activating whitening chemicals when bleaching teeth.  When using lasers instead of traditional tools, there are a few advantages that can make your office visit more pleasant. Some of these advantages are: no need for anesthesia or drilling, reduction of symptoms and healing times as well as bacteria in gums and teeth, and controlling bleeding during a surgery. Using lasers is not suitable for all dental procedure therefore, make sure to call the office of Dr. Gerald Middleton at (951)688-3442 and he will be glad to discuss which treatment options are right for you.

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