Reasons Your Teeth May Have Yellowed | Riverside Dentist

We are all on a constant quest to have the brightest, whitest smile that we can. But it is also quite common for even the whitest teeth to become a bit dingy looking after some time. But why? Well, here are some of the reasons your pearly whites have become pearly beiges:

Old age. Hate to say it but as we age, enamel begins to fade, leaving a more yellowish tint. While there’s certainly nothing you can do to stop yourself from aging, you can take solace in the fact that it’s just the process and not your habits.

Your smoking habit. Regular consumption or use of tobacco products can lead to staining of the teeth, among many other dental and health complications.

Poor dental hygiene. The recommended oral care routine includes brushing for two minutes twice a day, flossing at least once and rinsing mouth with mouthwash. Anything less may cause issues down the line.

You’re on medication. Antibiotics and other types of medication can lead to the darkening of teeth in children no older than 8 years old. Ask about side effects.

You’ve got a cold. Though less common, certain diseases can lead to the discoloration and yellowing of teeth. Certain treatment options, such as chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment can cause the teeth to become more brownish in color.

Genetics. It is also possible that you inherited enamel that’s much more yellow than that of other people.

If you want to have whiter teeth, it is best to consult your dentist immediately to rule out possible medical causes and offer treatment options to help whiten your teeth safely and effectively. Don’t give up hope on your smile.

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