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We all want a healthy smile. Not only does it improve our overall demeanor, but it gives a great first impression to others. And so, we brush and floss twice a day at home and use mouthwash. And if we are doing a thorough job at keeping our teeth clean, why go to the dentist for teeth cleanings? Teeth cleanings with your dentist are more thorough than the type of cleaning you do at home. The special tools your dental professional uses to give your smile a deep cleaning that your toothbrush just can’t do. Moreover, they also help to prevent many other health problems. But that’s not all – here are a few more reasons you should reconsider keeping your dental visits regular:

Gum disease prevention. Gum disease is an infection in your gums that can lead to tooth loss. Routine dental cleanings help to prevent gum disease.

Detection of oral cancer. With every dental cleaning you are screened for oral cancer, and of course, early detection is extremely important.

Maintaining good oral health. Visiting your dentist regularly helps your dentist keep track of your oral health and any problems you have had in the past or are currently experiencing. Keeping your mouth healthy is a trickle-down effect, which leads to the next point…

Maintaining overall health. Not only can getting professional teeth cleanings prevent future dental issues, but gum disease is linked to heart disease, stroke and low birth weight, so having that deep cleaning is required.

Beautiful smile. When your teeth are healthy, clean and bright, you are more confident and happier. Confidence leads to improved social life and career possibilities, so a regular cleaning is something everyone should seek.

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