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477787597A lot of people associate a trip to the dentist with the sound of the high-speed dental drill, but Dr. Middleton has another tool at his disposal: a dental laser. While not commonly associated with dental treatment, lasers have been used in dentistry since the early 1990’s for a variety of treatments.

Laser dentistry performed by Dr. Gerald Middleton can relieve and cure several conditions with added benefits. A laser is a device that focuses energy in to an intense beam of light energy. This burst of energy can be accurately aimed, and when it makes contact with the mouth, it can assist the dentist in a variety of ways. Fans of lasers and science fiction probably imagine lasers are great for cutting through tissue, and that remains true in dental lasers; the Periolase can be used to remove diseased or infected tissue around teeth quickly and safely. Similar to removing tissue, in some cases the laser can be used to reshape gum and bone tissue, and the heat from lasers are occasionally used to seal tissue to help promote healing. When using lasers instead of traditional tools, there are advantages that can make your office visit more pleasant.

Some of these advantages are:

-No need for anesthesia
-No high pitched drill noise
-Reduced recovery time

While using lasers is not suitable for all dental procedure therefore, make sure to call the office of Dr. Gerald Middleton at (951)688-3442 and he will be glad to discuss which treatment options are right for you.The dental laser has a number of advantages for both patient and dentist – the laser is quieter than the drill, allowing the patient to enjoy a more relaxed experience. The bacteria-killing nature of the laser and its more precise use can lead to better results and shorter healing times.

When used by a trained dentist, such as Dr. Middleton, the dental laser is a fantastic technical advancement that both patients and dentist can appreciate.


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