How we use teledentistry in our Riverside dental office

In a previous blog, we covered the various tools and policies we use to keep you safe. In this article, we will discuss teledentistry and show you how you can set up a virtual appointment with Dr. Middleton – just like you were in his Riverside dental office with him.

COVID-19 has changed the way the entire medical field functions and operates – dentistry is no exception. Because of this, we’ve needed to get creative about how we interact and treat our patients. 

Teledentistry allows our office to quickly assess and devise a plan of action for your oral health – all from the comfort of your own home! Because it limits social interaction, it is one of the best ways to approach dental care during COVID-19.

First off: What is teledentistry? 

In normal times, a typical dental visit requires you to take time off from work, drive down to our Riverside dental office, receive the requisite dental care, and then go on to resuming your day. In our busy lives, it can sometimes be hard to schedule a time that works for you (as well as us). 

COVID-19 makes this even more complicated. Now, on top of everything else, we need to make sure that you stay safe and sound. This means adding a COVID-19 symptom screening, increased time as we sterilize each of the rooms, and other additional steps that make the process more complicated.

Teledentistry allows you to meet with Dr. Middleton from the comfort of your own home. Using a video chat application, Dr. Middleton is able to give essential oral health care without the need for in-person interaction. 

It’s easy to see why this is so important. During the pandemic, minimizing personal contact is critical – and these online dental visits help us do just that.

We use teledentistry to streamline multiple dental procedures

Teledentistry allows us to be flexible in the way we approach dentistry. Currently, we utilize teledentistry to help us streamline the following procedures.

  1. Dental emergencies: This allows for quick action in case of a dental emergency. If you have a dental emergency – severe pain, bleeding, or something more minor – Dr. Middleton can quickly assess and offer advice to mitigate the problem in the short term and schedule an office visit to ensure the correct treatment is given.
  1. Routine dental exams: As you know, your typical visit to the hygiene department involves an exam by Dr. Middleton. In order to reduce the amount of physical contact, we now offer this exam virtually. 

During your visit with the hygienist, your hygienist will capture images, video, and notes. At his earliest convenience, Dr. Middleton will review them, schedule a chat with you over the portal, and discuss his findings with you. This allows us to quickly and safely provide you with the high-level care you expect from us.

  1. New patient examinations: As you know, each of our new patients undergoes a comprehensive exam with Dr. Middleton. We’ve now decided to move this to our virtual portal. Rest assured that this will be a private conversation for you to comfortably discuss any dental concerns you have with Dr. Middleton.
  1. Discussing treatment: We also will utilize the patient portal to discuss recommended treatment with any of our patients. This allows you to meet with Dr. Middleton at a time of your choosing from the comfort of your own home.

Teledentistry is an exciting new trend in the dental field. We will continue to remain vigilant as to any new technologies that arise in order to give you the best – and safest – dental experience.

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