How to set up a teledental appointment

Teledentistry is a new, unique way that dentists are coping with the COVID-19 crisis. Because they are done completely online, teledental appointments limit social interaction while still allowing you to enjoy the quality dental care you deserve.

In our previous blog article, we explored the emerging new field of teledentistry. We’re currently using teledentistry in our Riverside dental office to help speed up routine dental exams, dental emergencies, and in discussing treatment.

But how do you sign up for a teledentistry appointment? Fortunately, the process is very easy. This article will briefly show how you can make use of the teledentistry application and schedule a meeting with Dr. Middleton.

1. Gain access to our patient portal

As with anything involving confidential material, you first need to gain access to the application. Luckily, the process is very straightforward.

First, you need to request access to join our patient portal. You can do so by providing us with basic information in this web form. We’ll then provide you with the information to get access to the application.

2. Enter the portal

Now it’s time to enter the portal. Fortunately, this portal can be reached through any device that you have: your phone, tablet, or from your computer.

You can access the portal through the web app here or download the mobile app from the App or Android store on your smartphone or tablet. 

3. Send messages and schedule appointments

Once you’ve accessed the portal, you’re able to send messages to Dr. Middleton, upload any necessary documents, and schedule an appointment – all from the comfort of your own home.

Dr. Middleton will respond to your messages and let you know as to any documents that you need to fill out and bring before your appointment.

4. Prepare for the meeting

Before your appointment, make sure to send the required forms as well as any photos or videos to the portal. One of our hygienists will review them, take notes, and then send them over to Dr. Middleton for review in advance of a face-to-face call. 

Now you’re ready for the meeting. Make sure you show up on time and with all the required documents that you need in hand.

5. Meet with Dr. Middleton face to face

Finally, Dr. Middleton will meet with you. During the call, Dr. Middleton will be there to discuss any dental concerns you may have, and can even check out any problem areas and offer suggestions. Rest assured that this conversation will remain private between you and Dr. Middleton – just as it would in the office setting. 

Teledentistry is a quick and easy way to approach dentistry in the current setting. If you have further questions about teledentistry or are having trouble accessing the portal, please feel free to reach out to us through email or phone. Dr. Middleton looks forward to seeing your beautiful smile!

To set up a teledentistry appointment through our patient portal, sign up for an account through the link on our website.

Dr. Gerald Middleton proudly accepts patients from Riverside and all surrounding areas.