Dental Care During Football Season | Dentist in Riverside

It’s Autumn – and for many of us, Autumn means it’s time for to cheer on our favorite football teams, from professional to peewee.

When we think of the game itself, it’s hard not to think of the injuries that come along with it. They wear lots of equipment to “soften the blow”, but there are times when even the most padding can help. When it comes to playing football and protecting our smile, there isn’t a whole lot you can do, but there is something – wear a mouthguard.

There are lots of sports that can cause injury. A mouthguard will help to protect your teeth from falling out or some other dental emergency. After all, most sports can injure an athlete in some way. If you find that you have knocked out your tooth on the field, there are a few things you can do to not only save your tooth but prevent further dental issues while you wait for your dental appointment. Because this is considered a dental emergency, it needs to be addressed immediately if you want to save your tooth. If you act quickly, your severed root will experience damage to blood vessels and tissue, but the ligaments connecting the tooth to the bone can be reformed.

Assuming you can find the tooth, avoid scraping off any dirt particles, as you risk damaging the root further. Instead, rinse it gently with a saline solution while carefully handling it by the crown. If possible, place the tooth back in its original socket, or store it in a small container with saline or milk. Your cheek will also work well for storage in the interim; just be careful not to swallow your precious cargo.

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