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When we head over to the dentist with a cavity, we can be sure that a dental filling is on the docket to repair the situation. After your procedure, you will realize that it’s a bit difficult to eat. Don’t worry – anesthesia doesn’t last long. But it is likely that your mouth will a bit of tooth sensitivity, so here are a few helpful tips to getting through those tender couple days. If pain lasts longer, contact your dental professional for advice:

  • Chew on the opposite side of the mouth from your filling. If possible, avoid chewing with the tooth you just had filled to prevent pain and damage.
  • Chew slowly, bite lightly. Take your time and try not to bite all the way through. A lot of the pressure of chewing is from your top teeth and bottom teeth pressing together. By keeping your jaw loose, you can minimize pain.
  • Keep your mouth closed. This isn’t just to practice good manners – sometimes cold air can cause pain in sensitive teeth.
  • Skip sticky foods. Some fillings take time to set after you leave the dentist’s office. Eating sticky or gummy food could dislodge a new filling, so it’s best to avoid them for a little while.
  • Avoid very hot or cold drinks. High and low temperatures can trigger pain in sensitive teeth.
  • Pass on the sweets. Sugary foods and drinks can trigger sensitivity in your tooth and could even promote bacterial growth around or under your new filling.
  • Avoid hard foods. Foods like nuts, hard candy, or ice can cause more pressure on your tooth when you chew. Tough foods like steak, too. That pressure can dislodge your fresh filling if it hasn’t properly set yet.

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Dental Resin | Riverside, Ca Dentist

477787597One of the most versatile dental materials that dentists may use is composite resin. Whether it’s used for simple fillings or more complex cosmetic procedures, dental resin is a durable plastic material applied as soft plastic putty and hardened with a special light. One of the great benefits is that Riverside dentist Dr. Gerald Middleton can easily color the resin so that the resin matches the patient’s tooth color. Regardless of the purpose, it’s a tool that dentists use to solve a number of different problems.

The most common use is to repair decayed teeth – the dentist will start by removing the decaying material using a drill, and then fill the resulting cavity with resin. After shaping and hardening the resin, the dentist will polish the filling to match the shapes and contours of the patient’s tooth, leaving a smooth filling that blends in well with the natural tooth.

The same basic process – applying soft plastic resin, shaping, hardening, and polishing – is used for a number of other procedures as well. Typically known as bonding when used for cosmetic procedures, resin can be used to repair chips and cracks, close spaces between teeth, and make teeth look longer to improve smiles. Teeth that are misshapen (either due to injury or genetics) can be enhanced, and discolored teeth can receive a thin coat of colored resin to appear to match the other teeth. Finally, dentists may even use resin to protect portions of the tooth root that are exposed due to receding gums – the resin acts as synthetic enamel to protect the more sensitive root from decay.

While composite resin isn’t perfect – it’s stain resistant, but can be stained by some materials, and isn’t quite as strong as natural teeth or porcelain crowns – it’s quite versatile, non-invasive, and relatively inexpensive. For many patients, it’s a great solution to a wide variety of problems. Because of the ease of use, low cost, and flexible nature of the product, there’s a good chance your dentist will be using dental resin in some part of your next procedure.

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