Baby’s First Dental Appointment | Riverside Dentist

Boy brushing his teethAs a new parent, you are constantly wondering if you’re doing the job right. One of these overlooked details is a child’s dental health. Children should start visiting the dentist any time between first tooth and their first birthday to alleviate issues for any future anxieties. It’s also beneficial to get some basic knowledge as to how your child’s dental health should be handled at home so there aren’t problems growing up.

It’s important to prepare your little one for this new adventure. Learning about what will happen through books and other resources is fantastic help, but another is to give them a bit of a preview. Take turns roleplaying what the dentist will be doing poking around in their mouths. Having a dentist poking around with sharp tools is always going to be a scary thing for a tiny human. The more preparation, the smoother the experience.

On the day of your child’s first visit, the dentist will go over your child’s history and give you a crash course as to what you can expect in the future. A thorough examination     will distinguish any issues that may arise due to habits like thumb sucking, poor hygienic practice or diet.

Making sure your little one is comfortable is your first priority so be sure to bring things that soothe them, whether it be a little snack, a favorite toy or blanket. Keeping them happy will ensure you leave that first appointment ready and able to tackle any surprises that may hinder that sweet baby smile you love so much.

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