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Dental Inlays and Dental Onlays are frequently used to restore teeth that are severely damaged by decay or wear. They are usually applied to the chewing surfaced of the back teeth. They provide more strength than a filling and are more conservative than a full dental crown.

A porcelain dental inlay or dental onlay is fabricated to fit your tooth precisely and is bonded tightly in place to strengthen and protect the damaged tooth. Like a dental crown, a dental inlay or dental onlay covers and protects the tooth’s biting surface. Where a dental crown covers the entire tooth, a dental inlay or dental onlay fits inside the tooth cusps and covers only the biting surfaces. Because a dental inlay or dental onlay is fabricated in a dental laboratory, it takes two or more appointments to restore a tooth with a porcelain dental inlay or dental onlay.

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Team Members in Action!

In response to the long reported disparities in health, the 2000 Surgeon General’s Report on Oral Health and 2003 Surgeon General’s Call to Action to improve access to preventive dental care services of special and under served populations, the Registered Dental Hygienists in Alternative Practice (RDHAP) licensure category became legal in California in 2003. These specific registered dental hygienists specialize in oral health for people with complex needs often in homebound nursing homes, hospitals, residential care facilities, and other public health settings.


We want to congratulate our own Megan Graff, RDH for completing the 150-hour dental board approved course at Pacific Center for Special Care at University of Pacific School of Dentistry, and for her commitment to improving the quality of oral health of the under served. Her passion for dentistry is conveyed in the compassion and dedication she demonstrates. We are proud to have Megan as a member of our team!

Riverside Preventive Dentist | Benefits of Teeth Cleanings

According to recent statistics, more than 51 million hours of school are lost each year by children due to dental related illnesses. As for adults, statistics have proven that employed adults lose more that 164 million hours of work each year due to oral health problems. Professionals from the American Dental Association agree that regular teeth cleaningscan drastically reduce these numbers by about fifty percent! Because you and your child’s presence in school and in the workplace are vital to future endeavors, Dr. Middleton will gladly provides thorough teeth cleaning services that will prevent dental problems. These dental problems can range anywhere from dental cavities to periodontal disease, which lead to you or your child being absent in school or at work.

Dr. Middleton’s teeth cleanings are preventive measures that improve your oral health.Dr. Middleton also encourages his patients to schedule teeth cleanings to fully examine your oral hygiene. If individuals choose to delay their visit to Dr. Middleton, they are prone to the increased risk for heart attack or stroke, periodontal disease, and even oral cancer. In order to avoid these life-threatening consequence of poor oral health, Dr. Middleton guarantees thorough teeth cleanings that will enhance your smile and ensure you and your child remain in school and at work!

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