Dramatically Change your Smile with Minimally Invasive Veneers – Riverside, CA

Dr. Gerald Middleton knows that not all patients need severe changes to their smile therefore, procedures such as minimally invasive veneers can make a huge difference without damaging existing teeth structure.  Minimally invasive veneers are thin ceramic veneers that cover the surface of the tooth they are attached to. Since minimally invasive veneers are applied on the surface of teeth, patients can keep their enamel intact. One main difference between minimally invasive veneers and traditional veneers is that with traditional veneers anesthetic is required and changes cannot be reversed. Dr. Gerald Middleton usually recommends using minimally invasive veneers on patients that have mild to moderate tooth discolorations, minor misalignment, or need teeth reshaped. If you are unhappy with your smile, but are not sure which procedure is best for you, Dr. Gerald Middleton can aid you in choosing which treatment option is right for you. For an aesthetic evaluation call today at (951)688-3442 and Dr. Gerald Middleton will review which option is better for your smile.

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Pediatric Dentistry in Riverside, CA

Dr. Gerald Middleton of Riverside, CA recommends starting an oral regimen on children even before teeth appear by wiping a baby’s gums or using a baby toothbrush and water. As toddlers, it is a good time to begin brushing and flossing since teeth are in contact with each other and can begin to develop bacteria as well as plaque. Considering not all children need their teeth flossed at this age, it is a good idea to ask Dr. Gerald Middleton for advice. When children reach age two, foster them to brush their own teeth, but make sure to follow up to make sure they are clean. Using fun games or a themed toothbrush can make children more willing to follow a positive oral hygiene routine.

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Diabetes tied to Oral Health

Many are aware of serious diabetes-related complications such as heart disease, nerve damage, and limb amputation. But are you aware of the link between diabetes and your oral health?

November is National Diabetes Month, and we urge you to schedule regular checkups. For those of you who are not aware that you may have diabetes, certain signs and symptoms can help diagnose the disease.

One quarter of the 26 million Americans with diabetes, and 90 percent of the 79 million adults with pre-diabetes, are unaware of their condition, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As your dental provider we know that your mouth is the window to your health, and we are trained to look closely for signs that may indicate diabetes.

Periodontal disease, an infection that affects the gum tissue and bone that hold one’s teeth in place and can lead to bad breath, abscesses and tooth loss, may be a first indicator that a person may not have control of his or her blood sugar level. “Often it’s a problem both ways. Diabetics have difficulty controlling their periodontal disease, and people with periodontal disease have difficulty controlling their diabetes,” says Dr. Middleton. “We find that if we are able to control the periodontal disease, then the patient finds that their blood sugar levels are also much more in control.”

Diabetes also makes people more prone to other dental problems, including oral infections, thrush and dry mouth. A small amount of plaque on a non-diabetic patient may lead to gingivitis, but on a diabetic patient it may lead to rapid bone loss and the loss of teeth.

We recommend regular dental visits, where we can work closely with you to regulate the disease’s impact on your dental and overall health.

Smile Reconstruction – Riverside, CA

Sometimes severe dental problems require a full mouth reconstruction.  Many factors can contribute to this condition including decay, periodontal disease, wear or trauma.  Regardless of the cause, the goal is still the same: get the teeth, gums and bone healthy and provide an attractive beautiful smile.  When a full mouth reconstruction is needed, many options are available to consider.  There are so many ways to rebuild a smile.  It is important to discuss what is important to you about your new smile.

For more information on the processes involved in a full smile reconstruction, please visit our site.

Sedation Dentistry – Riverside, CA

Does the thought of having your teeth worked on make you anxious or uncomfortable? Does the sight of needles and the sound of dental drills make you cringe? Now imagine if you could have everything done while you nap comfortably and awake to not remembering anything from the procedure. Dr. Middleton of Riverside, CA can make that happen.

Oral sedation is a method of conscious sedation where the doctor uses pills to sedate a patient. Most healthy adults are good candidates for oral sedation. For some, comfortable dentistry is as simple as taking one small pill. Oral sedation is a wonderful option for patients who need more than just nitrous oxide, but don’t need or want IV Sedation or general anesthesia. It allows many people to be comfortably sedated through an entire dental visit using just a small pill.

We understand that going to the dentist can be very difficult for some people. Dental phobia is actually a lot more common than you may think. It is estimated that about 15% of Americans avoid going to the dentist because of this reason.

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Termites in Your Teeth?

There have been so many changes in how we treat the common disease of dental caries (which most refer to as cavities). In the past we checked for caries on your exam and if found, scheduled you for another appointment to have it, or them, filled. We may have advised you to brush or floss better and not to eat junk food. But that was about it. This treatment fixed the cavity but did nothing for what was actually causing it. The equivalent of this would be if you had termites eating the wood in your house and you drilled the rotted wood, filled with spackle and left the termites to continue feasting.

We’re excited that we now have technology to test how susceptible you are to caries by assessing risk factors and testing your saliva for acid producing bacteria that cause cavities. We refer to this approach as CAMBRA (Caries Management By Risk Assessment). If we have found that you are at risk of dental caries, we have several solutions for treating the bacteria and strengthening your enamel to prevent new cavities. If you are concerned that you or your children are prone to cavities, make an appointment and we can have you assessed and tested.

White Composite Fillings provide a tooth colored filling

fillings-riverside-caWhite Composite Fillings provide a tooth colored filling vs. amalgam fillings. White composite fillings are a mixture of glass or quartz filler in a resin medium that produces a tooth-colored filling. They are sometimes referred to as composites or filled resins. Composite fillings provide good durability and resistance to fracture in small-to-mid size restorations that need to withstand moderate chewing pressure. Less tooth structure is removed when the dentist prepares the tooth, and this may result in a smaller filling than that of an amalgam. Composites can also be “bonded” or adhesively held in a cavity, often allowing the dentist to make a more conservative repair to the tooth. Dr. Gerald Middleton in Riverside California can provide expert white composite fillings for your teeth.