Reconstruction Dentistry

inland empire reconstructive dentistry

Sometimes severe dental problems require a full mouth reconstruction. Many factors can contribute to this condition including decay, periodontal disease, wear or trauma. Regardless of the cause, the goal is still the same: get the teeth, gums and bone healthy and provide an attractive beautiful smile. When a full mouth reconstruction is needed, many options are available to consider. There are so many ways to rebuild a smile. It is important to discuss what is important to you about your new smile.

The first step in planning for your new smile is a comprehensive examination. This will include examination of your TMJ (temporomandibular joint or jaw), full mouth x-rays, examination of your teeth and gums, impressions for models of your teeth, records of how your teeth relate to your jaw joint and how they relate to each other, and detailed photographs of your smile and teeth. Before planning for your new smile, we will have a discussion about what goals and concerns you have. Is the cosmetic look of your smile the most important aspect or is longevity and function most important? Would you accept removable appliances (dentures) or is it important to have all your new teeth fixed securely in your mouth? Would you like your teeth to look natural or are you looking for the white, bright “Hollywood” smile?

Now armed with all this information we can study your mouth thoroughly and design your new smile. On your next appointment we will have several options for you to consider. The options available can include crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, periodontal therapy, extractions, orthodontics, and root canals. Basically all aspects of dentistry can be considered. That’s why your goals and what you expect for your desired result is important to first consider. We can then tailor the treatment plan to your needs.

Once the treatment plan is decided upon, your new smile will be created on stone models before beginning any work in your mouth. This allows us to visualize the final result before actually starting. The sequence of treatment and the amount of time needed to completion is dependent on the complexity of the treatment. Once completed you can enjoy a healthy, comfortable, attractive smile.