Meet The Doctors

Meet Dr. Middleton

Portrait of Dr. Middleton

When I was young, becoming a dentist was the last thing I saw myself doing. It was something my dad did, not me. So when I graduated high school, I set off to be a forest ranger. Many years and changes to what I thought I wanted to do with my life led me to a degree in Psychology and enough science classes to satisfy the requirements for dental school.

Yes, I spent a great deal of time figuring out what I wanted to do. And changed my mind many times. But as I matured and learned more about what dentistry was all about I fell in love with it. The teeth come alive before my eyes, and I’m able to combine function with art, creating a smile that not only looks good, but works well. I've learned that the mouth is the key to the health of the entire body, and I am always on a quest to increase my knowledge so that I can keep my patients healthy.

It feels like just yesterday that I saw a patient for the first time. But that first patient came in recently and reminded me that he’s been my patient since 1992. I’m humbled by the faithfulness of many of my patients. The relationships that have been made and continue to develop between myself, my awesome team members and our incredible patients are priceless.

This practice is not exactly the same as it was when I first took it over. At the time, we were contracted with numerous HMO plans. The prevailing advice on how to practice while participating in those plans was to cut costs or diagnose additional procedures that were not covered under the plan. I wanted to develop a relationship with my patients, use the best products possible and invest in a highly trained team, so I quickly terminated those plans. A decision I have definitely not regretted.

Aside from the time that I was in Dental School in Wisconsin I have lived in California my whole life. I thought about starting a practice somewhere else when I finished up at Marquette University, but felt it was important to stay close to family. California has a lot to offer, and I try to make the most of it – from biking along the coast to skiing the Sierras, hiking the local trails and exploring the National Parks. Not as a forest ranger though!

Portrait of Dr. Cate

Meet Dr. Adria Cate (Marcinkowski)

Dr. Adria Cate (Marcinkowski) graduated at the top of her class at La Universidad De La Salle Bajio in Leon, Guanajuato. She followed her mother's footsteps in becoming a dentist after working side by side as her dental assistant for many years. Dr. Adria is a Riverside native and grew up locally. She is dedicated to helping her community in and out of the office by volunteering her time at CDA Cares and at local Riverside schools promoting dental education. She has a passion for continuing her education in advancements of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Restorative Dentistry, and surgical treatments with the latest innovative techniques.

In her free time, she will spend it with her super energetic Australian Shepherd and on occasion her and her family will meet up for a competitive game of beach volleyball.