Termites in Your Teeth?

There have been so many changes in how we treat the common disease of dental caries (which most refer to as cavities). In the past we checked for caries on your exam and if found, scheduled you for another appointment to have it, or them, filled. We may have advised you to brush or floss better and not to eat junk food. But that was about it. This treatment fixed the cavity but did nothing for what was actually causing it. The equivalent of this would be if you had termites eating the wood in your house and you drilled the rotted wood, filled with spackle and left the termites to continue feasting.

We’re excited that we now have technology to test how susceptible you are to caries by assessing risk factors and testing your saliva for acid producing bacteria that cause cavities. We refer to this approach as CAMBRA (Caries Management By Risk Assessment). If we have found that you are at risk of dental caries, we have several solutions for treating the bacteria and strengthening your enamel to prevent new cavities. If you are concerned that you or your children are prone to cavities, make an appointment and we can have you assessed and tested.

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