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Did You Know? Toothbrush Edition | Riverside Dentist

woman brushing teethDid you know that February is National Children’s Health Month? It’s true. And we all know our little ones dislike anything that has to do with dental care. But is it important that they learn early to take care of their teeth in order to maintain a healthy smile. But not everything important needs to be boring. So, while you are teaching your tiny human that brushing twice a day, flossing and of course, frequent trips to the dentist for checkups and cleaning, throw in some of these fun dental facts to make taking care of their teeth fun:

Did you know that dentists recommend that the optimal time to spend brushing teeth is about two to three minutes? This would amount to around 122 days in a person’s lifetime. However, according to a recent survey, the average American spends only about 38 to 39 days brushing their teeth over a lifetime. That means that the average American spends only about 30 to 40 seconds brushing their teeth, as opposed to the recommended two to three minutes.

In 2003, toothbrushes were considered much more important than phones and cars. However, many years later, another survey showed that roughly around 4 billion people use a mobile device, but about only 3.5 billion actually use a toothbrush.

In an effort to cut down on the waste produced by toothbrushes every year, manufacturers have begun selling toothbrushes made out of recyclable materials, as well as ones that feature replaceable heads.

While modern toothbrushes are usually made from synthetic fiber, it’s said that animal bristles are still used sometimes today.

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